Terms & Conditions at Fast Cleaning Company Ltd

For a copy of our full Terms & Conditions of Contract Cleaning Service, please contact our office.


Regular Contract Cleaning

Fast Cleaning Company Ltd agrees to perform the work specified by the Client in a professional manner. Fast Cleaning Company Ltd reserves the right to make changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without notice. By ordering Fast Cleaning Company Ltd’s service via telephone, e-mail, fax or website the client is agreeing to be bound by Fast Cleaning Company Ltd’s Terms and Conditions of Service. The Client must allow the cleaner access to hot water and power. All fragile and breakable items must be secured or removed.

Fast Cleaning Company Ltd offers a regular contract cleaning service at the rate of £16.00 per hour, on condition that the client engages the cleaner for sessions for a minimum of two hours at least once a week, for a period of not less than six months.

For the clients who don’t wish to sing a contract in advance.
The first cleaning session is charged at a £20.00 rate. When the client signs the contract, the cleaning session will be charged at a £16.00 rate on a weekly basis.

Once only contract cleaning

  1. The client is recommended to check the quality of the cleaning work carried out immediately after completion of the work.
  2. In the event that the client is not satisfied with the standard of work, he/she should contact the Cleaning Company not more that 24 hours after the completion of the service. Unless good reason is given for late notification of any complaint, the Cleaning Company will not consider any complaints which are notified after such period of 24 hours.
  3. In the event of complaint the client will allow the Cleaning Company to send a cleaner back to the client’s property to complete the work to the client’s satisfaction and the Cleaning Company will not normally refund any payment if it is not permitted to return to the client’s property to complete the job.
  4.  When booking a cleaning service, the Client is obliged to provide details of name, address, telephone, e-mail address and the payment details over the phone. As soon as this information has been submitted the Client will be sent an e-mail confirmation one working day before the cleaning session in respect of the Company’s Terms and Conditions. The Client accepts these Terms and Conditions unless s/he contacts the Cleaning Company before the cleaning session has started.

Fast Cleaning Company Ltd’s contract cleaning service is insured by full public and employer’s liability cover. The contract cleaners have full public liability insurance.

In case of a complaint, Fast Cleaning Company Ltd requires to be notified within 24 hours after completion of the cleaning work. No claims will be entertained after the above time limit. If the Client is dissatisfied with the work, a cleaner must be allowed to return and re-do the job at no extra charge.

Fast Cleaning Company Ltd will provide all cleaning material and equipment on request. Please note that this may be subject to a surcharge.

Carpet Cleaning
Fast Cleaning Company Ltd will not be responsible for failing to remove old permanent stains that cannot be removed using normal carpet cleaning methods. Existing damage will be reported prior to commencing work.

End of Tenancy Cleaning
The standard end of tenancy cleaning service does not include cleaning of walls, ceilings, curtains, balconies, patios, exterior windows and carpets, washing up or laundry. The property must be vacated.

Cancellation – All Contact Cleaning Services
The Client may cancel/re-schedule a service by giving at least 24 hours’ notice. If Fast Cleaning Company Ltd are not notified on time, no refund will be offered on any deposit paid in advance. Fast Cleaning Company Ltd reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the quoted price for the booked contract cleaning service. The cancellation notice period for contracted regular cleaning is 1 month.

A minimum deposit of 50% of the quoted cleaning price may be payable at the time of booking. In the event of such deposit having been paid, the remaining balance should be paid upon completion of the specified work.

Public Feedback
In accordance with legal advice obtained, you are strictly warned to refrain from placing any negative reviews on any social networking sites in the public forum, alternatively we will have no choice but to also pass the matter to our solicitors in regards to pursuing the issue of defamation.
We trust that we have made our position abundantly clear and reserve the right to recover any interest accrued and legal costs if necessary.