Carpet Cleaning Prices

Fast Cleaning Company Ltd in London aims to provide you, the customer with computer cleaning services that are professional and good value for money and our carpet cleaning prices are very reasonable.

Fast Cleaning Company Ltd offers very competitive and affordable carpet cleaning rates. Please feel free to use our carpet cleaning calculator bellow.

Living Room – may depend on size (up to 12 sq/m) £30.00
Hallway (up to 5 sq/m) £15.00
Bedroom – may depend on size (up to 12 sq/m) £25.00
Kitchen £10.00
Bathroom £10.00
Stairs – per flight £25.00
Rugs – may depend on size (up to 12 sq/m) £25.00

Please use our free calculator or call us for a free advice on all carpet cleaning enquiries you may have!

Our cleaning company offers discounts on orders over £110.00.


Carpet Cleaning Service Costs

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Stairs – per flight
Lounge – may depend on size
Dining room – may depend on size
Bedroom – may depend on size
Rugs – may depend on size


  • Fast Cleaning Company Ltd has a minmum price for carpet cleaning of £60.00 + VAT.
  • Our carpet cleaning rates are very competitive and cheap and we proud ourselves of offering the best carpet cleaning services at the very low cost.
  • Our cleaning prices exclude VAT.
  • Congestion charge and parking fees may apply.
  • We require a deposit.
  • Our London carpet cleaners are very well trained and fully insured.


Carpet Cleaning Prices, Carpet Cleaning Service. Fast Cleaning Company Ltd carries out periodical quality control checks so as to maintain a high quality cleaning service to our clients at all times.

For more information about our available carpet cleaning prices in London, offered by our Cleaning Company call us on: 020 8819 0413